Tariq Mukatash

Tariq received his B.A. in Microbiology with an emphasis on Public Health from the University of California, Davis. He then achieved his M.S. in Medical Physiology from Case Western Reserve […]

Saria Nassar

Saria Nassar is a Public Health Major at UCI. He hopes to be able to better inform and deliver preventative care through his future career in dentistry as well as […]

Razan Al-Obaidy

Razan is majoring in Human Biology at UCI and pursuing a career in dentistry. Being an immigrant herself, Razan is currently conducting a study on identifying barriers in access to […]

Layla Dalati

Layla is a Biology Major going into Pre-Med. Coming from an immigrant background, she wants to be the first Surgeon in her family and that is what passionately drives her […]

Amira Zayed | Arabic (العربية)

Amira is a fourth year biology major and Medical Humanities minor passionate about improving health literacy in Arabic-speaking communities, due to her Egyptian heritage. She hopes to become a dermatologist […]

Taj Najjar

Taj is majoring in Public Health Sciences and aspiring to pursue a career in dentistry. Coming from a Syrian background, Taj is passionate about others specifically Arab refugees and immigrants […]