Female Birth Control Part II [Dari]

Atefa Hakimi provides in depth information about modern contraception including non-hormonal and hormonal methods. This is part 2 of the two-part series of the female birth control videos. This presentation […]

Female Birth Control Part I [Dari]

Atefa Hakimi provides in depth information about menstrual cycles and natural family planning. This is part 1 of the two-part series. This presentation was originally recorded by Dr. Jasmine Patel, […]

Early Pregnancy Loss [Dari]

Nooria Bibi discusses in Dari the differences between miscarriages and stillbirths. She also shed some light on the most common reasons for miscarriages by explaining common facts and myths around […]

Sima Naderi, MPH, MSc

Sima is a Global Health researcher from Afghanistan. She earned her MSc in Global Health from UCSF, in 2023. Currently, she is coordinating a project on health and life vulnerabilities […]

Pontea Doroudian, BA

Pontea is first year medical student at Wayne State University in Michigan who intends to pursue the field of reproductive endocrinology. She loves traveling, fashion, art, music, and fighting for […]