Laila Zaib, MPH, BS

Laila received her B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and MPH with an emphasis in Global Health from UC Davis. Through her fellowship with CDPH CAl-EIS fellowship she hopes to […]

Taj Najjar

Taj is majoring in Public Health Sciences and aspiring to pursue a career in dentistry. Coming from a Syrian background, Taj is passionate about others specifically Arab refugees and immigrants […]

Amanda Hoang

Amanda is a 4th year pre-med student at UCI and intends to become a physician in the field of pediatrics.

Ameryl Loi

Ameryl is a dedicated advocate for reproductive health equity and justice. She has previously been involved with the UCSF HEAL Initiative and GlobeMed at Berkeley. She plans to become an […]

Noor Abushaban

Noor received her BSc in Microbiology and Immunology from UC, Irvine. She gained research experience through participation in reproductive health project and volunteering at surgical and nursing units. Noor is […]

Sima Naderi, MPH, MSc

Sima is a Global Health researcher from Afghanistan. She earned her MSc in Global Health from UCSF, in 2023. Currently, she is coordinating a project on health and life vulnerabilities […]

Israa Al-Jumaa, BA

Israa is first-generation immigrant who received her BSc in Biological Sciences from UC, Irvine in 2022. She is interested in pursuing a career in preventative medicine.

Roseanne De Guzman

Roseanne is a pre-med student at UC, Irvine. She is aspiring to pursue a career in healthcare and hope to work against health inequity.

Pontea Doroudian, BA

Pontea is first year medical student at Wayne State University in Michigan who intends to pursue the field of reproductive endocrinology. She loves traveling, fashion, art, music, and fighting for […]